Canada Day : July 1, 1988
Agreement to participate : 23 January 1987
Commissioner-General – Mr Rick Hansen
Pavilion : 2800 square metres

Canada, regarded as one of the ‘top five’ international pavilions, had a multi-themed presentation for visitors to the Expo, consisting of both indoor and outdoor entertainment (for those in the queue!), and was most particularly remembered for it’s multi-visual 600-seater 5-screen panorama experience “This is My Home”, where in the aptly titled “Celebration Theater” guests were roused to nationalistic heights over the stirring tunes of “O, Canada – this is My Home!”.

The Theater was the brainchild of Exposition artist extraordinaire ‘Consulting Story Teller’ Paul Belserene – visit his web-site at:

You can listen to the theme song again here (originally composed for the Canada Pavilion at Vancouver’s Expo ’86) courtesy of the composer Bob Buckley of Bob Buckley Productions: (look under ‘Demos’, then ‘Anthems’, then ‘This is My Home’). Highly recommended!

The second audio-visual was planned to pack a few laughs and was entitled “Not Another Government Movie”, projected on a six-part screen.

The “Fitness Arcade” summed up the final part of the Pavilion, consisting of a series of computer-aided machines that measured the strength of your handshake, balance and power output.

The British Columbia Pavilion (view hyperlinked listing) – also another work by Paul Belserene & Co., featured at the exit of the Pavilion.

Canadians at World Expo ’88 were also prominent at the United Nations Pavilion, where Michael Conway Baker, O.B.C. (Order of British Columbia), composed the music for the United Nations Pavilion at Vancouver Expo ’86, Brisbane World Expo ’88, and also the music for the Canada Pavilion at Taejon International Expo ’93 (South Korea).

Read about the composer and listen to the music for the United Nations Pavilion,

Other news?

One of the staff members of the Canada Pavilion has created a “Staff Re-Union” web-page, detailing the antics the three-team pavilion got up to during the Exposition.

Visit the web-site at:

Commissioner-General Rick Hansen also has his own web-site, entitled ‘Rick Hansen: Man in Motion’, for the Rick Hansen Man in Motion Foundation.

Visit the web-site at:

Canada’s Vancouver Expo ’86 was the world exposition immediately prior to Brisbane’s World Expo ’88 and many members of the Brisbane Authority visited Expo ’86 to learn from what they had created there at the Expo site at False Creek.

Visit Expo ’86 again at the following excellent web-site by Stu ‘Scruffy’ Garret:

Finally, visit the Canadian Government Ministry of Heritage page on Canada at World Expositions –

AND, for a greater in depth summary of Canada at World Expo ’88, visit the same Ministry’s ‘Culture’ portal – at CULTURE.CA –

Ethnic minorities featured strongly in the public art for the Canada Pavilion at World Expo ’88


Works of art of Canadian ethnic minorities featured at the entrance to the Canada Pavilion, with this totem pole as an example.

American artist Jon Barlow Hudson’s work ‘Paradigm’ and the City of Brisbane feature in the background.



[TOP] Image courtesy of Damian McGreevy

[BELOW] Image courtesy of Graham John


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