Northern Territory

Northern Territory, Australia


Territory Day : October 2, 1988
Agreement to Participate : 24 February 1988
Commissioner : Mr Bob Doyle
Pavilion : Located in the Plaza

The entrance to the Northern Territory Pavilion featured a replica of the famous “Devil’s Marbles” – the un-mistakeable ochre-coloured rock formation in the Territory.

This mainly touristic information-based presentation also featured a replica of the world-famous ‘School of the Air’, where school lessons are delivered to outback country Australian children via ham radio.

Daily fashion parades of Northern Territory and local indigenous design also featured.

Report of the Commissioner-General of Expo 88 on the Australian Government’s Involvement in Expo ’88 (1988), Published by Office of the
Commissioner-General of World Expo ’88
World Expo ’88 – The Official Souvenir Program (1988), Editor Andrew Cowell, Published by Australian Consolidated Press
Expo! an independent Review (1988), Written by Scott Jones, David Bray, Juanita Phillips, Published by Boolarong Publications


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